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Last week our trusted local wine agent surprised us with a bottle of Picpoul, the super sought-after wine of choice for those oyster loving holiday makers soaking up the coastal sea breezes in the south of France. It’s just $22 per bottle ($20 by the 6pk) and my oh my it is GOOD! So drinkable in fact that you had better ensure you have more than one bottle in the fridge at all times.

We may not have the azure view here @ Wineaway but we have our hands on half a pallet of Picpoul and our ‘Fresh Fish Friends’ from Rufus King Seafoods are going to ensure we have the best of Straddie and surrounds to help us showcase Picpoul in all its glory.  Join myself, Brad, Chris, Jamie & Reece anytime between 11am and 4pm Saturday 24th March for a decadent plate of fresh seafood (Oysters, Sashimi inc Salmon/Tuna & Swordy) and a glass of Picpoul all for a ridiculous $10!  Yes, bookings are essential and you can ‘splash, sash and dash’ or stay for a while! For those of you already convinced but unable to make the event (or just salivating at the thought of giving one a whirl this weekend) you can order your Picpoul for immediate delivery this week. Happy Oyster everyone!

2016 Benjamin Darnault Picpoul de Pinet ~ $22/btl ~ $120/6pk

Picpoul is the grape variety and Pinet is the small village located in the Languedoc region in the South of France. Whether you’re a Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris fan, this wine covers the lot. One of the oldest Languedoc grapes, the Picpoul has been growing near the Thau Lagoon for centuries. White is the most common, though both blush and black grapes are to be found. As early as 1618, the botanist J.B. Maniol cited Picpoul as one of the best known Languedoc grapes in his work “Sylve plantarium”. It grows in a dry climate, so the end-of-season humidity helps grapes fill out and finish ripening. The grapes grow in loose bunches, are oval shaped and come off easily. That is why, in the olden days, trays were often placed beneath the vines to catch falling grapes !

Tasting notes
Crystal clear with green highlights, though can be more golden from older vines.
Soft, delicate nose, with pleasant hints of acacia and hawthorn blossom.
Delicate and fresh in the mouth it has an excellent acid/structure balance.
Perfect with shellfish and other crustaceans as it neutralizes the salt and iodine and is surprisingly good with rich cheese and charcuterie.

Matching wine and food
Picpoul de Pinet is not only splendid with seafood and shellfish as well as other traditional Mediterranean dishes, but also with cheese and chocolate. It’s best drunk young and cool (between 8-10°).

The vineyards
The AOC Languedoc Picpoul de Pinet vineyards cover some 1400 hectares (3000 acres) around the Thau lagoon to the west of the Mediterranean Golfe de Lyon. It forms a triangle bounded by Agde, Pézenas and Sète and is the largest white wine producer in the Languedoc.


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